A downloadable game

This is Aether Stone 2, or was at some point. Now it's a collection of connected spaces without a purpose or a story.

I'm releasing this mostly, because I want to figure out what to do with the movement system in this game, because every time I play it, I get the impression that there's something useable there.

Either way, be advised that is a very broken game. There are some strange bugs that can happen and there are no options at all.
I'm still glad for feedback, but please limit yourself to things that regard the game's design and controls and not about random bugs and glitches, because I won't fix those.

Controls (Xbox-Controller heavily recommended!)

  • Analogue-Stick or Dpad to move
  • A: Jump
  • X: Attack
  • B: Special Item (you can find those in the game)
  • Shoulder Buttons: Cycle between special items
  • Right trigger: Dash
  • Select: restart the game
  • Escape (keyboard!): Quit the game

There are a lot of different movement/combat options available to you. If you want to have a more detailed breakdown, feel free to read the game's ReadMe file.


AetherStoneII.zip 14 MB

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