A downloadable game

This is Aether Stone 2, or was at some point. Now it's a collection of connected spaces without a purpose or a story.

This is a very broken game. There are some strange bugs that can happen and there are no options at all.

Controls (Xbox-Controller heavily recommended!)

  • Analogue-Stick or Dpad to move
  • A: Jump
  • X: Attack
  • B: Special Item (you can find those in the game)
  • Shoulder Buttons: Cycle between special items
  • Right trigger: Dash
  • Select: restart the game
  • Escape (keyboard!): Quit the game

There are a lot of different movement/combat options available to you. If you want to have a more detailed breakdown, feel free to read the game's ReadMe file.


AetherStoneII.zip 14 MB

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