A downloadable FACE for Windows

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[NOTE: This Game has a bunch of flashing lights in it, so it's probably not suited for people with photosensitivity]

There are FACES floating in the air above you and they keep growing! Shoot them to make them go away, but be smart! Just shooting a FACE doesn't give you a lot of points. True mastery of FACEDROP comes through maintaining a healthy population of FACES, because the longer a FACE exists, the more POINTS it generates. However they also grow faster over time and once it's fully grown, a FACE will drop and if a FACE hits you, it's GAME OVER!

Don't get a GAME OVER!



Arrow keys to move around, D to shoot

Enter to pause

Gamepad(360 pad, though any gamepad should work):

Dpad/left stick to move around, A to shoot

Start to pause


Mute Audio with "M"

Toggle fullscreen with "F"


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