Update (23.10.2017) - GET READY TO SHOOT SOME CLOWNS!

Hi everyone!

Today's update is a big one. It adds a bunch of new content to Splinter Zone and also addresses some of the remaining issues I had. For example, it should now be much easier to actually be able to finish the game, than it was before.

Anyway, here are the notes:

  • Added a whole new "Circus" Area with 6 new levels and four new enemy types.
  • Added a secret double jump upgrade that gives you much more mobility
  • Added a secret "Superlevel" upgrade that extends your Weapon level and adds a new powerup.
  • Changed the slowdown that happens during large explosions to something that's hopefully a bit less confusing.
  • Changed the jumping animation to something that doesn't look as awkward as the old one.
  • Changed the way the game handles the players being stuck in a wall
  • Tweaked the layout of a large amount of stages to make sure the double jump doesn't completely break them
  • Probably a bunch of small stuff that I forgot in the time between me working on this update and me releasing it...

This update is probably going to be last content update for Splinter Zone in general. To be honest with you: I'm kind of done with this game. Don't get me wrong I still like it and all that. However working on it got more and more frustrating and (to be frank) boring over the last two months. Then add to this a bunch of personal problems and you get something that isn't really all that healthy.

There's also the simple fact that with the way the game has sold so far (not very well), it seems much smarter for me to just move on to the next thing.

Thank you very much again to all of you who have decided to buy this game or who supported my work in any other way. The numbers might not look all that great, but it's still amazing for me to know that are actually people out there who paid money for something that I have created almost completely on my own.

As I said, I'm going to move on to the next thing now. It's going to be a bit different than this game and I really hope that I'll be able to show some of it in the not so near future.

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